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Welcome to Historic Stock Market,
the international online-market for old share and bond certificates and financial documents..

Old shares and bonds without an actual value and impossible to negotiate in a stock market are considered old stocks. They document mostly the circulating history of a company, from foundation to insolvency or acquisition. The first shares certificate issued in financial history took place in Amsterdam in 1606 by Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC) - The Dutch East India Company.

Old Share and Bond Certificates

Old Share and Bond Certificates

Old Share and Bond Certificates

Old Share and Bond Certificates

Old Share and Bond Certificates



Here you find old shares, bonds, loans, historical shares and historical documents, which document the worldwide development of finance within the last centuries. We are permanently in contact with collectors of old stocks and historical share certificates from the 5 continents who handle rare and ornamental pieces in their collections.
In cooperation with international banking institutions we offer you an online site in 6 different languages and 6 diverse currencies. Visit our webpage regularly or subscribe our free monthly newsletter with information on the newly listed titles of historical share and bond certificates.




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Old Share and Bond Certificates


Old Share and Bond Certificates

Old Share and Bond Certificates

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Note: All old share and bond certificates are only sold as collectibles. No investment value is implied, transferred, or considered. No transfer of securities is performed. Certificates are cancelled or obsolete.



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